While working at Telegael in 2019, I have provided sound effect editing for a number of children’s cartoons, including RAI’s YOYO, Nickleodeon’s Rainbow Rangers and Fabrique d’Images’s Ziggy and the Zoo Tram.

I have also worked as a sound designer and mixer on a number of my own films, gaining an all-round understanding of the process.


My main occupation at Telegael consisted of sound effect editing on the series YOYO, of which I have worked on 22 episodes of the second series. My main tasks included dialogue editing, sound effect design and track-laying.

Paid work

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Rainbow Rangers

I have also provided sound effects editor for a number of season 2 episodes of Rainbow Rangers, such as episode 1.

Paid work

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This clip in an extract from an episode I worked on. My main duties in this instance consisted of editing the dialogues, add sound effects, ambience and cooperating with Foley artists.

Just Another Day

A short film entirely produced individually in the context of the Digital Media 2 module at the University of Limerick. The scope of the work included sound effect recording, rudimentary Foley application, editing and mixing.

Academic project