While photography has been a passion for a number of years, it is the most recent addition to my skill-set. The somewhat limited formal knowledge in photography is on the other hand balanced by practical and theoretical learning, as well as relying on transferable skills from videography, lighting and post-production.

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Landscape photography

These shots were taken on a bright autumn day, exploiting the especially crisp air to capture the strong colours associated with this season. While post-production colouring was applied, it was done so in a subtle manner to retain the natural look and feel of the photographs, while enhancing their features.

Personal project


These self portraits served both as lighting technique practice, solid colour experimentation and to provide new profile pictures for social media accounts. A more artistic, creative use of contrast and lighting was approached, a relative stylistic novelty as such. While most of the creative choices were made “in camera”, a moderate use of post-production tools allowed for the pictures to be more refined in their aesthetic and details.

Personal project