My passion for film brought me to write and direct a number of works, ranging from short films to music videos, allowing me to develop my aesthetic and narrative style. Moreover, these projects, both academic and personal, gave me the chance to improve my technical skills to then apply in different contexts.

Future Regrets

Short film developed in conjunction with the undergraduate thesis titled “Narrative Complexity and Audience Perception in Nonlinear Filmmaking”, portraying a fragmented timeline of events. A particular focus on the sequencing of scenes, their contextualisation in the story and their emotional content was therefore pivotal.

Academic project

Walled Garden

A music video, developed with singer-ongwriter Yannika Frank, featuring improvised performances by contemporary dancers and scenic landscapes. The main focus was put on the technical and formal direction of the shoot, as the choreographies were handled by the dancers and the emotional, narrative aspect was guided by Yannika.

Collaborative project

The Bare Minimum

A music video, featuring an improvised choreography by the contemporary dancer Lauren McGonagle, later re-worked to fit the narrative of the accompanying piece. The stylistic choices in regards to the general motion in the environment were discussed prior to the shooting, as the choreography and the camera needed to be coordinated to an extent.

Collaborative project

Just Another Day

An experimental short film, featuring exclusively non-verbal film-making techniques, therefore exclusively portraying the effect of a character on the environment and vice-versa. Shot composition, pacing and colour correction were the main technical priorities.

Academic project