Editing for scripted works

A substantial part of the works I have edited consists of scripted short films, where traditional directorial choices provide for a narrative backbone guiding the shot and scene sequences. Nonetheless, an important decision-making process is required in respect to the timing, pace and ordering of the shots, as well as compatibility between different takes.

Future Regrets

Short film developed in conjunction with the undergraduate thesis titled “Narrative Complexity and Audience Perception in Nonlinear Filmmaking”, employing nonlinear timeline of events. The film structure was carefully constructed in pre-production, as the intricate canvas of the narrative required methodical planning. Nonetheless, a great effort was put into the editing phase of the project, as this style of narration requires ambiguous yet carefully crafted ordering of shots and general pacing.

Academic project

Just Another Day

This short film was conceptualized and filmed during the 2020 Covid-19 lock-down as an academic project. The core idea behind this work consists of creating a non-verbal narrative film, where no form of language, either written or spoken, is used to propel the story. Although the generic story arch and shot types were planned in the pre-production, many choices were finalized in the edit, as well as crucial elements of pacing and image associations that aided the development of the narrative conveyed.

Academic project

Blue and Oblivious

A piece to camera describing my personal struggles. Particular effort was put in the screen-writing process and location study, as well as the audio-visual recording as executed on my own. The juxtaposition between the descriptive and scenic sections, carrying a subtextual meaning, were completed in the edit.

Personal project

Creative editing

In this category are grouped all those creative works where most of the creative decisions were made after the footage was captured, mainly in the editing suite, as the source material consisted of improvised performances, stock footage or action footage. A lengthy process was therefore required to appropriately select the material and originate a narrative or a congruous compilation.

The Bare Minimum

This music video, realized in collaboration with the fellow UL graduate Lauren McGonagle, a contemporary dancer, was mostly improvised during shooting. Due to tight scheduling, this collaboration consisted in improvising a choreography and shooting multiple takes, all different from one another, to then later decide on the fate of the captured footage. Most of the structural choices were therefore made during editing, as the choreographies were then made to fit a pre-existing piece of music while creating a thread between the different shots to create a sense of cohesion and continuity.

Personal project

ULRM Showcase 2019

A promotional video intended to showcase the activities offered by the Racing and Motorsport Society at the University of Limerick, used at public events, recruiting drives and on its social media pages. The use of quick cuts synchronized to the music (from a copyright-free library) was found to effectively convey the emotions related to the activities advertised.

Voluntary work

The End of the Space Age

This music video was greatly inspired by the theme and the sound qualities of its accompanying music, exploiting the theme of solemnity usually associated with the exploration of space. Using creative commons footage published by NASA, a loose narrative regarding the past successes of human explorations, their downfall and the new era of space technology was developed. While fitting the musical qualities was the main priority, the visual development of the narrative was also at the forefront, in order to create a potentially stand-alone visual experience.

Personal project