My name is Davide E. Simonetti, I am a film editor, director, music producer and media artist, graduated with a First Honours Degree in Music, Media and Performance Technology at the University of Limerick. I have professional experience of working in a TV production company, as well as having developed a number of my personal projects over the years, earning a good understanding of the processes required to ideate, produce and finalize a short film.

In particular, I discovered a deep interest in the editing phase of production, as it requires both a good understanding of the filmic language and a creative effort. Through my degree, my work experience and personal works, I gained excellent competence in video editing environments, as well as discrete knowledge of colour grading and visual effects. I have also worked as a videographer on a number of occasions, developing good experience of the skills required to capture high quality footage.

Finally, I have gathered professional experience in sound post-production and SFX, as well as years-long experience in music production, sound recording and mixing. I therefore possess the necessary skill-set to operate in sound post-production in many of its stages.

My ultimate objective is to create visually striking and emotionally moving films, be it in post-production or directing on set. My passion resides in developing my own stories through a strong vision, as well as collaborating with other filmmakers to help them realize their own.

My resume